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Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Kruger National Park.
from R760
per night
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Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Kruger National Park.
from R760per night
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Staying in a cottage in the Northern Kruger is actually a must for many guests. Cottages are cooler than tents

fully equipped, self-catering
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Bateleur has 3 guest cottages with 6 beds each and a further 4 guest cottages with 4 beds each.

fully equipped, self-catering
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A Guide to Bateleur Bushveld Camp


Situated in the Northern Kruger National Park lies the Bateleur Bushveld Camp. Named after the majestic Bateleur Eagle which is so often spotted in the skies over the area, this camp is a true haven in the north. Anyone who is in search of spiritual upliftment and a break from their busy lives will find that the solitude of Bateleur is just what their soul is looking for.

The atmosphere at Bateleur is like no other, and many guests fall in love with this Bushveld Camp.

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Some of the camp basics that you can expect when you book your stay at Bateleur includes:
  • Public telephones
  • A boma braai with DSTV (you’ll have to provide your own food and drinks)
  • A conference facility capable of hosting 30 people
  • A small shop selling the basics such as firewood, ice and Telkom phone cards. Please note that this shop does not sell food products such as meat, milk, or vegetables.

Bateleur Bushveld Camp is found on the banks of the Mashokwe Spruit and sits about 40 km south-west of Shingwedzi.

What Are Bushveld Camps?

While most guests stay in one of the main rest camps, there are those who prefer the rustic, and often far quieter and undisturbed stay will choose one of the Kruger’s Bushveld camps. These private camps offer stunning accommodation, with comfortable bedding and self-catering. Unlike a stay in one of the many satellite camps, guests will not have to share an ablution facility or cooking facilities.

In total, there are 7 of these camps distributed all across the Kruger. While these camps generally have a shop, there are no perishable goods for sale, so you’ll have to make sure that you have brought meat, and whatever other perishables you’ll need, along with you in a cooler box. The plus side is that you won’t have to pack all sorts of camping gear or spend time hassling with your tent.

These camps are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy a private camping trip or a romantic break in the Kruger National Park.

About Bateleur Satellite Camp

Bateleur Bushveld Camp, named after the Bateleur Eagle, doesn’t have that much of a history. It was created as a luxury, private bushveld retreat, offering guests a uniquely quiet atmosphere and plenty of game viewing opportunities. The camp has a number of features for guests to enjoy, one of which being the game-viewing hide which overlooks a waterhole on the outside of the camp. The camp also has two dams, the Silwervis and the Rooibosrand, which are only allowed to be visited by those staying at Bateleur camp. This is one of the reasons why this camp is so popular amongst those wanting a once in a lifetime game viewing experience without having to fight for a spot to observe wildlife.

Bateleur is the idyllic destination for those wanting to get away from it all and guests will leave this camp feeling rejuvenated.

Camp Accommodation

A camp of guest cottages, each one fully equipped and fully serviced on a day to day basis, Bateleur is a favourite destination for anyone looking for tranquillity without having the rustic camping experience.

Guest Cottages

Staying in a cottage in the Northern Kruger is actually a must for many guests. Cottages are cooler than tents and they offer a lot more comfort than the basic huts. Bateleur has 3 guest cottages with 6 beds each and a further 4 guest cottages with 4 beds each. All of the cottages are fully equipped, making self-catering much easier than other camps.

All of the accommodation comes with bedding, towels and soap, and as mentioned the accommodation is serviced on a daily basis. Every unit has its own braaing area and wood is available from the mini shop which can be found at the reception area.

Many of the bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom and the bedrooms are kept cool by either a fan or an air-conditioner, depending on the guest cottage you select. The kitchens have utensils, crockery, cutlery and everything else you’d expect from a fully equipped kitchen. The units also have microwave ovens. The cottages have power points and TVs with local channels being broadcast. Bateleur is the Kruger’s best-equipped camp and it will give guests a real luxury experience.

Other Helpful Camp Information

Regardless of which camp you choose, or where you want to explore, having some helpful information can make your stay in the park more pleasant and somewhat safer.

When you are in the camp of your choice, enjoying a sundowner, it can be very easy to forget that you are staying in the midst of wildest Africa. All around you, there are wild animals and while you are for the most part safe within the camps, be sure to remember that the wild animals can pose a risk when you are not careful. On the off chance that an animal might get into the camp, don’t try to approach it. Instead, alert park officials. You will find all of the important numbers on the information pamphlet that you’ll receive when entering the park.

While animals getting into the camp is a scary ordeal, you might want to worry more about those critters and creatures you don’t see. Snakes, spiders and scorpions are not always easy to spot but they are an almost guaranteed presence in most camps. Not all of them are going to be dangerous and even fewer than that are going to be deadly, but all of them can leave a nasty bite. Whenever you are walking around the camp, have a pair of shoes on. And when walking around in the evenings, light your way with a torch.

The other concern you need to have, and one that you can’t avoid by being vigilant or wearing shoes, is the mosquito. The Kruger National Park is situated in the middle of a malaria zone, and while the illness is not transferred by all mosquitos, it is next to impossible to determine which could be carrying this unpleasant illness. The best way to avoid infection is to use mosquito repellent and to sleep under a net. And if you want to take your protection to the next level, you can get preventative medication from your doctor.

When in Africa, you need to consider the seasons. The Kruger is in one of the hotter and most humid areas of South Africa and the summers can be quite overwhelming if you are not used to the heat. Summers also mean more mosquitos and possible flooding. If you are camping, you might find that a summer stay is a bit uncomfortable and that you would be happier with a fan and air-conditioning, something you’ll have when staying in a hut or bungalow. Many guests prefer to stay in the Kruger in the winter when the days are mild and the evenings cold. Regardless of the season, make sure that you’ve packed the right clothing.

Bateleur Gate Times

All camp times in the Kruger are the same for each camp but will change according to the seasons. In summer the gates are opened earlier and closed later, while in the winter the gates open later and close earlier. Having this information is vital when planning your safari.

The gate times for Bateleur are as follows:

  • January to March: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm
  • April to September: Camp gates open at 06:00 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • October: Camp gates open at 05:30 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • November to December: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm

The best times to enjoy a game drive is just after the gates have opened and again just before they close. This way both you and the animals avoid the heat.

Camp Flora and Fauna

As mentioned, Bateleur is a wildlife viewing paradise. It is also a great place to see all kinds of unique flora indigenous to the area. Guests will see sausage trees, mixed bushwillow, silver cluster leaf, buffalothorn, acacia trees, mopane, leadwood trees, and weeping boar beans when staying at Bateleur.

Of the wildlife, guests can spot buffalo, the rare tsessebe, leopard, wildebeest, crocodile, hippo and nyala, all of which have been spotted close to the camp in the past.

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